Aerial Yoga

Aerial Hammock Yoga - Anti-Gravity Yoga - Hamak Yogası

Independent of gravity, no wonder it has been coined anti-gravity yoga, or fly yoga, we would like to call it aerial yoga. It has the lazy resemblance of the hammock, thus often called hammock yoga or aerial hammock :)

You will find yourself floating naturally with the correct technique and using your own body mass to effortlessly flex into the positions and the moves become easier and far more beneficial to the body without the over extension you may be forced to feel on traditional matte yoga. We practice Hatha Yoga with aerial techniques.


Monday Wednesday Friday 12:30
Wednesday 18:30
Sunday 10:00

The resistance and fexibility provide added strength for your body's daily needs in additon to the soulful remains of your innerself get satisfied through yoga. Nevermind the details, you will enjoy the swinging and the floating experience with our experienced aerial yoga master Arati (Suna Uzun).

Join our Aerial Yoga classes in our 90m2 studio with maximum 8 students capacity.
A transformative workout of body,mind and soul .
There is peace in strength; grace in release.
This is Suna Uzun Aerial
Step in.Let’s begin.

Instructor: Suna Uzun (Arati)