ESM Ballet and Dance School
ESM Ballet and Dance School is the continuation of well known Suna Uğur Ballet School under a new name.
Suna Uğur who is one of the first and most wellknown primaballerina of Turkey, founded her first school in 1978 in Etiler, İstanbul.
Since 1995, other dances such as Ballet for Adults +18, International Latin Dances , Social Latin Dances, Cuban Salsa, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop, Zumba Fitness, Belly Dancing and in 2006 other teaching activities such as Pilates Allegro Reformer and Mat Classes and Piano were incorporated at the school.
ESM, in newly prepared premisses, houses tree (90 sqm, 38 sqm and 25sqm) specially built flooring with dance industry’s top standard pressure-absorption system under the piece-wood floors, helping relieve the dancers of the considerable pressures on joints from demanding dance sessions.

Our Philosophy
ESM Ballet and Dance School is a member of Ministry of Educations Ballet Program and dedicated to quality teaching of classical ballet , applying the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus , to produce a solid ballet foundation for children, while endeavoring to help each student to enjoy and love dance for the sheer pleasure and artistic fulfillment, rather then only for technical accomplishments.
Therefore, at ESM, emphasis is given to teaching the artistry of ballet while maintaining a safe and correct approach to technique , insuring that students are ready to perform ballet moves of increasing difficulty as required for their succeeding RAD Grades or the ones who intend to continue ballet in a Conservatory. Students’ achievements are rewarded by Certificates through periodical RAD examinations organized in Istanbul .
We also have programmes in advanced training for ballet students of all ages who have serious professional targets, and special training for Conservatory students who wishes to improve their technique in different schools of classical ballet such as RAD or Vaganova.
Our mission is to be reminicenced lifelong as a top-grade technique providing and enjoyable training institution.

ESM Faculty for Classical Ballet:
Melike Günal Öziş; graduate of Veronica Arman Ballet School (Adana), İstanbul Bilgi University and Suna Uğur Ballet School (Ist), has
12 years of Ballet training, performed as a Premier Dancer at Cağdaş Ballet Company since 2005.
Teaching Experience: 3 years of teaching as apprentice to Suna Uğur at Suna Uğur Ballet School and became the Ministry of Education’s approved Ballet master. She joined ESM as faculty member teaching classical ballet in 2005.
In 2007 she joined the Balanced Body’s Teaching Pilates sertificate program and became a Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher.
After 2 years of education, in 2010 she had right to be named as Registered Teacher of Royal Academy of Dance in London ( RAD RTS).
Melike who has 12 years of Classical Ballet training and 10 years of Pilates training experience is now working on Dance with Babies and Toddler programs which is accredited by Joimove International.
She will continue to graduate more kids into the ballet and dance world to create more successful and international performers and teachers of the future.
Elif Dac; graduated from the Yildiz Technical University, Stage Arts Programme in Modern Dances; and is currently a student of Mimar Sinan University Master’s program with the Performing Arts Department in Modern Dances. She has been providing ballet dances instruction since 2002, and has been a part of the ESM family since 2010.